SACRILEGA - The Arcana Spear - LP
SACRILEGA The Arcana Spear

The Arcana Spear


label: Blood Harvest
Released at: May 17, 2022
format: LP
Condition: New

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 SACRILEGA's debut album is a veritable firestorm of finessed fury - malice, malevolence, and mesmerizing visions writ large across throttling death metal songwriting both classic and contemporary. Driving that propulsion is underground drum-god Paulus Kressman, whose veritable eight octopus arms create a dizzying, dread-inducing landscape for his bandmates to slay with their razor-wire strings. Their songwriting always pushes forward with a near-bestial pulse that cannot be denied; still, attention is duly paid to detail within riffing and atmosphere alike, elevating The Arcane Spear beyond a mere exercise in ultraviolence. SACRILEGA thus locate that elusive balance between the cunningly precise and rabidly maximal, placing due emphasis on the songwriting itself and allowing the execution to tell the grandiose-yet-doomed tales it so requires.

1.The Arcana Spear 05:26
2.Tower Of Suppression 05:09
3.Rites Of Macabre 05:11
4.Sacrament Of The Void 04:16
5.Entre Sangre & Veneno 04:56
6.Ode To The Sepulcher Dream 04:19
7.A Vision Glorified In Fire 05:01
8.Embrace The Grand Tyranny 07:10