SARGEIST - Let The Devil In - DIGI CD
SARGEIST Let The Devil In

Let The Devil In


country: FIN
label: Moribund
year: 2021
format: DIGI CD
Condition: New

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As the bloated corpse of black metal continues to be picked apart by Myspace “friends” and post-whatever posers, it’s up to scene veterans like SARGEIST to “Let the Devil In”. Featuring the six-string sorcery of HORNA songwriter Shatraug as well as the vile throat and cruel battery of BEHEXEN, Finland’s finest SARGEIST here display that black metalled orthodoxy need not spell creative death, that occult mysticism is still ripe for exploration if the words match the deeds – and especially if you have the songs to back them up. One anthem to the horned one after another, “Let the Devil In” masterfully balances raw, bloodcurdling passion with poised, steely-eyed professionalism: a new classic of traditional black metal is born!

1. Empire of Suffering
2. A Spell to Awaken the Temple
3. From the Black Coffin Lair
4. Burning Voice of Adoration
5. Nocturnal Revelation
6. Discovering the Enshrouded Eye
7. Let the Devil In
8. Sanguine Rituals
9. Twilight Breath of Satan
10. As Darkness Tears the World Apart