SIVYJ YAR - Burial Shrouds (vinyl) - LP
SIVYJ YAR Burial Shrouds (vinyl)

Burial Shrouds (vinyl)


country: RUS
label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: December 2, 2020
format: LP
Condition: New

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Ultra limited press (100 copies) on classic-black vinyl, with printed innsersleeve
Ships on and around 20/11/2020

(..) "It’s all the work of one Vladimir. The maestro has found a groove in black metal that is both sorrowful and hopeful and at times borrows from the heathen and depressive genres. He continues to explore its contours on “The Snow Shall Fall A Long While,a new song from Sivyj Yar’s forthcoming album Burial Shrouds . The track is by turns bleak and beautiful, and more than ever, Sivyj Yar sounds bright—those guitar leads pop. Paired with that incredible cover art, I can’t help but think of the type of grim determination known only to those who live in particularly cold climates, where the promise of spring keeps you going like light at the end of the tunnel"