SUR AUSTRU - Obarsie / Obârșie (galaxy green/black vinyl) - 2LP
SUR AUSTRU Obarsie / Obârșie (galaxy green/black vinyl)

Obarsie / Obârșie (galaxy green/black vinyl)

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label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: February 23, 2021
format: 2LP
Condition: New

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Double LP mastered at 45 RPM for best audiophile listening, gatefold cover, galaxy green/black vinyl limited 150 

Following the concept of their first journey Meteahna Timpurilor, released via Avantgarde Music in 2019, Sur Austru is ready to present to you its natural follow up, their latest ritual called Obârşie. The band born from the ashes of beloved Negură Bunget is once again ready to take you to a trip through the endless forests of Romania and southern Carpathia with their ritualistic blend of black metal and local folklore.

With Obârşie, Sur Austru is opening new gates and sacred structures, developing the sound of the previous album and adding more layers of sounds, beautiful voices and choirs, massive sound walls, gloomy atmospheres, epic blast-beats as well as sacred traditional instruments, all in one single concept album. Obârşie is the Romanian word representing the concepts of origin, descent and source, whether it is the source of water in the mountains or an initiation ceremony.

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01 - Cel Din Urmă
02 - Taina
03 - Codru Moma
04 - Cant Adânc
05 - Caloianul
06 - Ucenicii Din Hârtop I
07 - Ucenicii Din Hârtop II