TEMPESTARII - Temple of Skies - DIGI CD
TEMPESTARII Temple of Skies

Temple of Skies

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label: Mercenary Musik
Released at: April 6, 2019
format: DIGI CD
Condition: New

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A fair proportion of atmospheric black metal bands create said atmosphere through the building of a wall of tremolo picked, high treble noise (have no fear, there’s still plenty of that to be had – see the middle bridge on “Gaian Mind” for example), but on tracks like “Holy Dread” and “Shroud of Horns”, Tempestarii add clean acoustic passages: the folk-like, gentle nature of these provide unexpected relief from their otherwise punishing music.

The five-track album (which nevertheless comes in at just less than an hour) is everything you could hope for from an atmospheric black metal release: unsettling, dynamic and ritualistic. 

01. Holy Dread
02. Gaian Mind
03. Shroud of Horns
04. Gold Lattice
05. Neurosis