TERATOMA - Purulent Manifestations (second press blue vinyl) - LP
TERATOMA Purulent Manifestations (second press blue vinyl)

Purulent Manifestations (second press blue vinyl)


label: Unorthodox Emanations
Released at: May 18, 2023
format: LP
Condition: New

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After the successful response of this album release, we are opening preorders for the Second press, available as cyan/blue color vinyl!

First release on our brand new Death Metal branch UNORTHODOX EMANATIONS!

Teratoma was formed in Germany 2020, consisting of members from four separate countries and boasting diverse musical backgrounds, but the death metal the band spews forth is streaked with all manners of bile and evil.
United in their love of classic, decidedly anti-modern death metal sounds, their debut release Purulent Manifestations contains a host of creepy-crawly riffs bolstered by a chunky rhythm section and packed into songs long enough to fit a few different gory diversions. Purulent Manifestations carries listeners along on a tide of momentum, indulging in primitive double-bass-driven savagery, but it also breaks away from these extremes to put them in context.
Throughout the record, there's a constant and welcome feeling of fun: from reveling in filthy tones to indulging in massive, ignorant grooves and wild solos, Teratoma's debut album is the work of musicians who love death metal in all its forms. As such, it's easy to recommend to even passing fans — even if you can't name what band might influence any given riff, it's easy to sense the energy and excitement Teratoma filled their album with.


1. Tortured Voices 04:52
2. Detached From Existence 04:05
3. Nero 05:10
4. Horrid Stench 05:10
5. Oceanum Inferni 04:49
6. Corporeal Mess 06:16