THE DEATHTRIP - Deep Drone Master - CD
THE DEATHTRIP Deep Drone Master

Deep Drone Master


country: NOR
label: Svart
year: 2014
format: CD
Condition: New

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The cosmic voice of Aldrahn from Dœdheimsgard and Zyklon B has been set free to echo once again!A frozen chill we have all been missing! Early 90s-era cold Norwegian style minimalist black metal mixed and brought back from the dead by scene originator Snorre Ruch, from the legendary Thorns. Take a Lynchian nightmare journey through bleak landscapes via abysmally grim interior reflection. Philosophical brooding and animalistic roars over discordant, jarring, familiar riffs of Celtic Frost/Bathory stature where notes bend evermore into deeper caverns.

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