THE PATH OF MEMORY - Hell is other People (vinyl) - LP
THE PATH OF MEMORY Hell is other People (vinyl)

Hell is other People (vinyl)


label: Iron bonehead
Released at: June 25, 2020
format: LP
Condition: New

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Hell is Other People evokes the sort of desolation and despair so endemic to modern urban experience - the choked and claustrophobic expanse of concrete and steel that are cities, the grime and slime living beneath, the ennui of experiencing all this daily. As such, each of those 11 songs evokes a similar-yet-different sensation, each one a divergent-yet-related portrait of inner spiritual struggle and yawning emptiness. Some take on a more atmospheric aspect, while others hit upon a more driving pulse; altogether, THE PATH OF MEMORY indeed lays forth a path that triggers memories lost and languishing. Or, perhaps let some of the song titles themselves paint the (desolate, despairing) picture: "I Tried and I Failed," "Alone, Alive," "It Hurts Me," and the gallows-humor closer "I Skulled the World."