TYRANT - Legions of the Dead - DIGI CD
TYRANT Legions of the Dead

Legions of the Dead

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country: USA
label: Shadow kingdom
year: 2018
format: DIGI CD
Condition: New

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Digi CD

This glorious debut album by California's best heavy/power metal band TYRANT is as dark and thunderous as the cover. Burning guitar licks and crushing Iron Maiden-esque beats, mixed in with catchy hooks makes this album one hell of a ride! An album to discover (or re-discover) in the darkness!

1. Warriors of Metal 04:48
2. Fall into the Hands of Evil 05:19
3. The Battle of Armageddon 05:12
4. Legions of the Dead 07:03
5. Tyrant's Revelation 00:51
6. Listen to the Preacher 03:46
7. Knight of Darkness 03:27
8. Thru the Night 03:24
9. Sacrifice 06:5
10. Time Is Running Low 04:00