ULVIK - Last Rites | Dire Omens - LP
ULVIK Last Rites | Dire Omens

Last Rites | Dire Omens


country: Can
label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: May 15, 2024
format: LP
Condition: New

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Limited edition on gold vinyl (250)

 Three years after their latest release, atmospheric black metal / dark folk duo Ulvik is ready to release their new studio album, Last Rites | Dire Omens. The Canadian duo formed by Jade Fadel and George Allen once again defies genre borders with nine new songs all different from one another, yet perfectly consistent.

Ulvik has always been hard to define, moving seamlessly between dark folk (Volume I and Volume II) and atmospheric black metal (Cascades), and their new opus makes no exception: albeit a black metal record at heart, Last Rites | Dire Omens includes lots of different influences and hints. Reminiscent of the Northwestern lands of the American continent, Ulvik’s work shifts from essential, acoustic episodes to more complex, aggressive and almost avantgarde pieces.

Last Rites | Dire Omens is a foreboding, yearning record, yet captivating in its stark beauty. Both harrowing in its unrelenting heavy passages, then flowing into delicate sounds of loss and despondency, like the soundtrack to a eulogy, a sermon for the end of the world.

01 - Through False Dust
02 - Life & Death Are One
03 - Woven Into Threads
04 - Sown On Earth
05 - So Passes Earthly Glory
06 - Glass & Scythe
07 - Endless Pines
08 - The Pallid Mask
09 - Yesterday & Years Ago