Various Artists - Compilation of Death – issue III - BOOK
Various Artists Compilation of Death – issue III

Various Artists
Compilation of Death – issue III


label: FRYKTOS
Released at: January 27, 2023
format: BOOK
Condition: New

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Official reprint on Fryktos, the long time sold out issue #3 of the legendary Compilation of Death with more than 400 pages as a softbound book!

As the Daniel Self Desecrator cover art implies, this massive 3rd issue is dedicated to SADISTIC INTENT featuring in depth interviews, old pics, flyers and comments by the band.

Other bands included are:
Agressor (Fra), Autopsy (fucking big interview), Bloodbath (Serbia), Bloodspill (Usa), Brutal AssassinCianideDeath Threat (Usa), Death Yell, Deceased, Decomposed (Usa), Diabolic/Horror Of Horrors/Unholy Ghost, Dissect, Dr Shrinker, Dream Death, Druid Lord, Embrional (Pol), Entety/Coffin Text, Eternal Darkness, Eternal Solstice, Fatal (Usa), Hexx, Incantation, Invocator/Maceration, Magnus (Pol), Necroccultus, Necrowretch, Nephrite (Norway), Nile, Obliteration (Nor), Phlebotomized, Profiles, Rottrevore, Sindrome, Sorcery (Sweden), Thanatopsis (Usa), Void Of Vomits

“RAM Metal Section,” featuring Laurent Ramadier of Snapkepit Magazine interviewing: Gino Marino of Nocturnus/IncubusMutilated (Fra) and Excruciation (Swi).
Aaaarrghh Magazine (Nz)
The Book Of Armaggeddon Zine/ Rage Records
Decibel Of Death Zine
Earache Records
God Vomit Zine
Pentacle (studio report-live review by Costa Stoios)
Rattlehead  Zine/Blowing Thrash Zine

“Dark Awakening” (Reviews Section)
“Pages Of Pure Fucking Damnation” (Chat With Old Fanzine Editors)
“Some Die, Others Are Born” (a new section with over 50 new bands that are still young and fresh, just started out, some of whom have only released a few demos, 7″ EPs for their first album!)