VASSAFOR - Malediction - LP
VASSAFOR Malediction



country: NZ
label: Iron bonehead
year: 2017
format: LP
Condition: New

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- 350gsm Gatefold Jacket with Gold Hot Foil and UV Varnish with Scratch Resistant
Lamination and Inside Flooded in Black
- 180g Black Heavyweight Vinyl housed in a Black Poly Lined Bag
- 250gsm Cardboard Insert with Gold Print and Matt Varnish
- A2 Poster on 150gsm Art Paper with Gold Print and Matt Varnish

Simply put, Malediction is a statement of intent. A purely Satanic album, in the band's eyes, and one which draws a line firmly in the sand, this is pure Southern Vassaforian Hell driven to the outer reaches of primitivism and transcendence. Here, VASSAFOR strip bare their most barbaric tendencies, down to their most unapologetic form, and build anew a temple of unimaginable might. The maw of chaos opens ever wide, beckoning the listener to submit and be devoured; meanwhile, tendrils of tension untether in a manner most ambient. If any of VASSAFOR's earlier work achieved a sense of vertigo - and it surely has - then Malediction is the band's most potent distillation/distortion of such yet. Across a time-evaporating/halting 50 minutes, each of the five tracks comprising Malediction work as mantra and spell simultaneously. Doom(ier) elements are largely traded for utter violence and virulence, which somehow makes the end result all the more stultifying and psychedelic in equal measure.

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