VENTR - Numinous Negativity - MLP
VENTR Numinous Negativity

Numinous Negativity


label: Signal Rex
year: 2020
format: MLP
Condition: New

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Limited Black vinyl w/ 8pp A5 folded booklet
VENTR hail from Portugal, the current hotbed of raw black metal. While an otherwise-new entity, the rippling 'n' roiling black metal they present across their first public recording, Numinous Negativity, betrays a wealth of experience - an expanse of void-dwelling visions that are startling to behold this early on.  Grim and ghastly, the band likewise exude a strident physicality which transcends most iterations of rawness, and the same could be said for their bewitching melodicism: never soft nor saccharine, these haunting lead-lines duly transport the listener into exquisitely dark 'n' cobwebbed realms. The sum effect of Numinous Negativity, from a musical standpoint, is a medieval malodorousness that's as ancient as it is rottenly fresh.

Side A
1. Omniprsent Abominations 07:26
2. Our Altar of Murderous Fanaticism 07:44
Side B
3. Numinous Negativity 02:18
4. A Dagger to Worship 07:25