ENISUM - Samoht Nara - LP
ENISUM Samoht Nara

Samoht Nara


country: ITA
label: Dusktone
year: 2023
format: LP
Condition: New

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2023 Edition
180g. black Vinyl

Songs talks about landscapes, cohabitation between man and nature, the music is deeply inspired by Cascadian black metal bands like Wolves in the Throne Room, Alda…
At times you might get the feeling that this is music being piped through from another time. It is music mercifully free of the tropes that trip us up and the trends that scratch on the grubby windows of the music scene.
‘Samoht Nara’ is music dedicated to the natural and listening to it feels like a rare, beautiful privilege.


A1 Civrari 9:03
A2 Samoht Nara 5:47
A3 L'Arvoiri Du Cüdlit 9:39
B1 Rüvat Rüciaj 6:16
B2 Still Life 6:56
B3 Battle Of The Trees 4:40
B4 Lo Coors 3:56