MARDUK - Serpent Sermon - DIGI CD
MARDUK Serpent Sermon

Serpent Sermon


country: SWE
label: Osmose
year: 2021
format: DIGI CD
Condition: New

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The album, the band's 12th full-length release, is a testament to their burning desire to create blackened metal of the highest order. A concept album of sorts, Serpent Sermon is an unadulterated attack on all that is good, casting a heavy pall over light and love. Morgan offers, “The lyrics should speak to everybody, to realize the power contained within. Just let it embrace you and the journey has begun!” That journey is a deep one that plumbs the very depths of Hell as guitars rip and shred, drums thunder and the low end bass pulls at the very bowels of the soul. “As long as we have the desire and burning ambition to spread the message we will continue to be the servants of a higher cause and keep delivering blood, fire and death to the world!”

Re-issue, 4 panel Digipack, black flooded inside, 28 page booklet on 135g art paper.