The Heretics


country: GRE
label: Season of Mist
year: 2019
format: DIGI CD
Condition: New

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Digipack CD

ROTTING CHRIST have reached another peak in their long career that now spans over more than three decades. The Greeks have literally stood the test of time. With confidence and skills derived from experience, each song on 'The Heretics' represents its own sonic universe. This new album marks another step in the evolution of the Greek masters. Buckle up for a fascinating musical ride through the woes of religious wars, Zoroastrianism and the eternal war between good and evil.

1. In the Name of God 04:14
2. Vetry zlye (Ветры злые) 03:13
3. Heaven and Hell and Fire 04:52 Show lyrics
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name 05:06
5. Dies Irae 03:46
6. I Believe (Πιστεύω) 03:42
7. Fire God and Fear 04:50 Show lyrics
8. The Voice of the Universe 05:23
9. The New Messiah 03:07
10. The Raven 05:23
11. Sons of Hell