ULVIK - Cascades - DIGI CD
ULVIK Cascades



country: Can
label: Avantgarde Music
year: 2021
format: DIGI CD
Condition: Second hand

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Hailing from the cascadian gloom of British Columbia, Canada, Ulvik,
formed by Jade Fadel and George Allen, released a double length with
Avantgarde Music in 2019, Volume I & II. After spending the opening
months of the 2020 pandemic creating Isolation Motifs, a short concept
instrumental album and corresponding video series, Ulvik finished writing
and recording their sophomore album, Cascades.
Cascades is a hypnotic, atmospheric black metal album, incorporating the
old, organic textures of plucked and bowed bouzoukis and violins to create
ethereal interludes, in contrast to the visceral aggressive tone of each track.
This melding is mirrored by shared dual vocals, creating a counter balance
that weaves and crashes between malevolent and haunting.