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Vendita DVD e video - musica Black Metal e Dark estrema

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Live At The Royal Oak (CD + DVD A5)

Atra Vetosus Filmed and Recorded in 2016 their live show at ‘The Royal Oak’ in Launceston, Australia and released the recordings as a digital Live Album. Spiced up with some additional new bonus material, the album has now seen the day of light on CD & DVD housed in a special A5 Digipack with both the CD & DVD version included. This release is limited to 500 copies only.

Recommended if you like: Agalloch, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Winterfylleth, Vinterland, Woods Of Desolation, Sacramentum, Dissection, Naglfar, Astral Winter,

Immortal Frost
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Live Brujeria

Home-made d.i.y. release made by Occultus himself, DVD-ROM in 33 copies (numbered!) including Live 12/10/1990 and an audio section with the glorious Occultus Brujeria demo (by name Abhorrent)

Note this is a band's private edition, with color xerox sleeve and dubbed on DVD ROM

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Timewave Zero

CD - Ltd. CD+Blu-ray Digipak

Spawned in the Fall of 2011, Cosmic Death Metal initiates BLOOD INCANTATION, spent the past decade establishing a reputation for creating powerful Athmospheric Death Metal with progressive elements, while gradually incorporating more Psychedelic & Ambient components with each new release. The inevitable zenith of these increasingly exploratory excursions was finally reached during the summer of 2021 and captured once again on analog tape at World Famous Studios in Denver, Colorado. Epitomizing their Cosmic essence and Experimental nature, this new recording reveals an alternate dimension for experiencing the mind-bending songwriting of BLOOD INCANTATION´s dense & otherworldly sonic landscapes: Beyond the limitations of genre and free to travel among the stars. Echoes of TANGERINE DREAM, PINK FLOYD, LUSTMORD, POPOL VUH & DEAD CAN DANCE synthesize in an archaic planetarium soundtrack, taking the listener on a cinematic journey through the Stargate, into the vast darkness of Outer Space, and beyond the infinite transcendental luminosity of the Mind´s Eye.



Century Media
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Dead Air (cd/dvd)

Katatonia - captured during the band's 2020 lockdown session - perform an extensive 88-minute set of fan favourites spanning two decades of material. 

Limited 2CD/DVD set.

2020 saw Katatonia present its eleventh studio opus - the poignant City Burials - to unanimous acclaim. Following closely in its footsteps, the Swedish dark rock masters present Dead Air to further immortalise these strangest of times. With a somewhat unforeseen global event transpiring this year which resulted in touring being made all but impossible for artists internationally, Katatonia conducted a more intimate “lockdown” show which was streamed live from Studio Grondahl, Stockholm on May 9th. 

Dead Air offers fans a full 88-minute set with inclusions spanning two decades of material, and debut performances of three City Burials’ album tracks. 

The tracklisting contains a very literal selection of fan favourites overall, having being voted for exclusively by the band’s worldwide fanbase, flawlessly flirting between earlier singles such as Metallic anthems My Twin and July, to the stirring emotional grandeur of new song, Lacquer. The recording, mixing and engineering work was orchestrated by David Castillo, notable for his extensive body of work with Katatonia to date, and the performance itself was professionally filmed by Blackbox Video. 


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Intelekt Kollapse

Intelekt Kollapse” the movie + 3 audio tracks of PROFANUM available on this DVD exclusively, photo gallery

Challenging, surrealistic and allegoric movie project done and directed by Krzysztof Wlodarski - a charismatic leader of PROFANUM, a trial of visual interpretation of music made by PROFANUM, inspired by such movies as ”Andalusian Dog” by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali, ”Eraserhead” by David Lynch and works of such writers as Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (known as Witkacy), Samuel Beckett, Witold Gombrowicz or Charles Baudelaire. No limit for that what is real, becoming of god, transformation. Fall of rational world.

Allegory. Surrealistic movie. Absurd. Impotence. Test of autoprojection. No limit for that what is real. Becoming of god. Transformation. Return to first stage. Failure of selfprojection. Paradox. Game. Solipsism. Fall of rational world.
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€ 10,00
MERCYFUL FATE - Melissa (Digipack)
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Melissa (Digipack)

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Comes as a 6 Panel 2 Tray CD DigiPak with Low Centre Slit-Cut and a 24-paged booklet containing expanded artwork & extensive liner notes.
Recorded and mixed at Easy Sound Recording, Copenhagen, Denmark in July 1983.
Digitally remastered by Chris Gehringer (The Hit Factory, New York, New York).

Track 8 is an out-take from the 'Melissa' recording sessions.
Black Masses originally appeared as the B-side of The "Black Funeral" single and later on the album The Beginning
Tracks 9-11 produced and mixed for BBC Radio 1's "The Friday Rock Show" and recorded in 8 hours on March 19, 1983. Appears courtesy of BBC Enterprises Ltd.
These versions were recorded 3½ months prior to the versions on the 'Melissa' album. Originally appeared on the album The Beginning.
Track 12 recorded at Kharma Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark (late Autumn 1981) before Mercyful Fate was signed. Originally appeared on the album Return Of The Vampire
Track 13 recorded before Mercyful Fate was signed. Originally appeared on the compilation Metallic Storm and later as a bonus track on the CD remaster of The Beginning
Note: On tracks 12 & 13, Benny Peterson plays guitar along with Hank Shermann, as Michael Denner had yet to join the band.
The DVD footage was recorded live at the Dynamo in Eindhoven, Netherlands, 1983. It also includes a commentary track by King Diamond.

Metal Blade
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CANDLEMASS - Green Valley Live

Green Valley Live

Unsealed but like new, unplayed

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The Great Star Above Provides (Live At Roadburn) DigiDVD+CD

DVD & CD in 4-panel digisleeve, incl. lyrics, and credits, plus a designed album download card.

It takes a vision of some distinction to stand out amid an unerringly over-populated black metal scene. Gelderland (NL) iconoclasts Solar Temple made it look easy with their 2018 debut album, Fertile Descent: a kaleidoscopic, deep-dive grimoire with atmosphere, melody, and a chewable sense of spectral dread, it defied extreme metal’s in-built conservatism and conjured a sonic world with no boundaries beyond an intuitive devotion to the dark. Consisting of the duo M. Koops (Fluisteraars, Nusquama) and O. (Turia, Iskandr, Dool) its musical adventurism should come as no surprise to those with a keen eye for the Dutch heavy music scene. The new album "The Great Star Above Provides" was written live in their rehearsal space during long improvisations between 2020 and 2021 and dives headfirst into the psychedelic spacerock undertones that have been a defining quality of Solar Temple since the beginning, while shedding the black metal confines of before.

"The Great Star Above Provides" was entirely live-recorded by the duo at the prestigious Roadburn Festival and aired for the first time at the festival's REDUX edition during the pandemic. With video and audio professionally recorded/mixed/mastered, Solar Temple`s unique interstellar performance is now released for the public.

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Live Profanity DVD

Released July 30 and August 28 through Metal Mind Productions in Europe and North America respectively.

Tracks 1-11 were recorded at the 21st edition of the Metalmania Festival on March 24, 2007 in Katowice, Poland.
Tracks 12-21 were recorded at the Winternachtstraum Festival in February 2007 in Arnsberg, Germany.

Bonus video:
1. The Burning Times
2. Era Aggression
3. In Red Iris

Bonus audio:
1. Equinox
2. Storm 2005

Also includes:
- Photo gallery
- Band history
- Discography
- Desktop images
- Weblinks
- Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Metal Mind
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€ 9,00
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