ULVER - Vargnatt - CD
ULVER Vargnatt



country: NOR
label: Peaceville
Released at: December 11, 2023
format: CD
Condition: New

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This edition of Ulver’s Vargnatt marks 30 years since the original release of this classic 1993 demo. 

CD edition with audio sourced from the original DAT. 

Contains the bonus track Vargnatt, captured live at Bootleg TV in Oslo, 1993, and sourced from the original U-matic, courtesy of the National Library of Norway.

1. Her Begynner Mine Arr
2. Tragediens Trone
3. Trollskogen
4. Ulverytternes Kamp
5. Nattens Madrigal
6. Vargnatt
7. Vargnatt (Live 1993)