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Fading is an atmospheric, psychedelic, approximately hour-long black metal journey inspired by a specific event: Witnessing seemingly endless migrating water fowl at a local wildlife refuge that supports the Pacific Flyway.
The album consists of one approximately hour-long song. All drums, vocals, and guitars were performed and recorded by A. Field recordings are from the Pacific Flyway refuge.

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Liber Saturni - Apochryphon of Saturnian Rex

Two Finnish occult black metal juggernauts, SATURNIAN MIST and IC REX joined forces for a collaboration split in the form of esoteric and aural research of the archetype of Saturn (Satan)
IC REX not only develops the line of ritual magic studies which were put to the core of the band’s existence since the first demo and resulted three magnificent full-length albums, but basically concludes them, stepping to the next level where Artifex IC left it at ”Vedenjakaja (Aquarius)” album proving IC Rex to be - yet again - much more than ”only music”.
SATURNIAN MIST offers their unique blend of black metal chaos magick they have developed during the years culminating to their latest "Chaos Magick" album from last spring, but now presented along with the strong sense of their roots found from the soundscapes of melodic Finnish black metal sound.

The split comes with 12-pages booklet with footnotes of the ritualistic and esoteric side of the themes taking place on the release.

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Saturnal Records

The Final Step Before the Dawn

band that involving members of Mortuus Caelum, Burial Hordes, Unholy Ritual, Obsecration and a long list of Greek extreme metal acts.
mid-90s Scandinavian black metal with some abient parts,raw and cold.

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Lower Silesian Stronghold

Black fire

1. Fallen Upon The Shores Of Inferno 03:53
2. Eternal Slumber 04:17
3. Eden Shall Burn 02:50
4. Reign Of The Goatlord 03:10
5. Path Of Old Dominio 04:10
6. Savage Damage 03:06
7. Devil Wolf 01:38
8. Black Fire 03:52
9. Sent Forth To Conquer 04:58
10. Venomous 03:16
11. Advesary of God (live in Helsinki) 02:36
12. Night Hag (live in Tempere) 04:03
13. Obey The Beast ( live in Bergano) 03:24
Time Before Time

Silence endless

Black Hate

Raw & cold

1. Prolog 00:49
2. Raw & Cold 04:04
3. he Glorious Devastation 04:08
4. Witchcraft - We Commence the Incantation 04:02
5. Kingdom of Wrath 06:33
6. Baphomet - Seelenvater 05:05
7. Damnation 04:13
8. Cold Funeral Winds 03:53
9. Reign in Hate (Live) 04:51
10. Rise my Inner Demon (Live) 02:58
11. Morbid Realms (Live) 03:41

Pestilence Records

A Little Devil ain't Enough

LTD to 520 copies

Deeper than Sky

When their debut album was released in 2013, the VHOL self-titled effort was a surprise to many who didn’t expect what VHOL would initially sound like considering it was a new band initially brought up as an idea between two ex-Ludicra members who wanted to make music together again, namely John Cobbett of Hammers Of Misfortune and Aesop Dekker of Agalloch. What would then shape into something more expansive with the addition of bassist Sigrid Sheie (also of Hammers Of Misfortune/ex-Amber Asylum) and the addition of YOB mastermind Mike Scheidt to handle the vocals, VHOL would be a new musical group where each member would experience something new with creating music while at the same time re-discovering their old school metal roots.

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Profound Lore
INTOXICATED - Rock 'n Roll Hellpatröl
Second hand

Rock 'n Roll Hellpatröl

Living up to their moniker and the album title, Intöxicated on their debut presents a nice, rock ‘n’ roll influenced style of speed/thrash metal, with the band proudly wearing their influences on their sleeves. Right from the start the Motörhead influences are rather clear in the swagger that the band clearly displays in their music, and the attitude that is shown along with the music that is meant to be played loud and proud, the way rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be done. It certainly helps that Louie’s vocals sound like a more gruff/semi-growled version of Lemmy. At the same time, the band takes a more thrashy direction over here, and the intense speed that the band likes to take easily reminds one of early Teutonic giants such as Destruction. The riffing styles of El Rancho further brings about comparisons with Japanese black/thrash legends Sabbat and drunken bastards Abigail, or the more crusty efforts of Joel Grind like in his Tiger Junkies project, especially on the riffing style on songs such as Metal Porno Slut.

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Hells headbangers

Streitaxt Und Gewehr

Terror Records
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