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Selling vinyl - Extreme Metal and Dark music

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NEXION - Seven Oracles (1st press)

Seven Oracles (1st press)

Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary, Iceland. Band Photos by Void Revelations. Band Art and Calligraphy by Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal.

12” 140g vinyl (100 trans orange/black marble), printed inner sleeve, 200gsm art paper matt, 16pp 12” booklet in 300gsm outer sleeve with 4mm spine 

Avantgarde Music
DROUGHT - Trimurti (marble gold/black vinyl)

Trimurti (marble gold/black vinyl)

Gold/black marble edition, comes with printed innersleeve and with an insert

Drought is an entity spawned to channel its creators’ creative energy in a black metal form. The Tantric concept has been adopted to transform this energy into a tale of upheaval and elevation, using fire as a metaphor to celebrate spiritual transformation through cleansing, drawing purity from impurity. After a promising debut EP Drought fell into several years of silence, from which they will finally rise this spring to unleash their first full-length album, Trimurti.

As a Lotus grows from the swamp, enlightenment comes from improvement and regeneration. In Trimurti this theme is reprised from the previous ep Rudra Bhakti (2016, also on Avantgarde Music) and deepened, generating three suites - each explaining one of the three phases of this spiritual turmoil, as well as the three phases of Pranayama, and overall, the three phases of evolution: awareness - transformation - elevation. Nine tracks divided into three conceptual segments - this new opus develops and brings forth the tantric concept of the previous release, articulating it into a full spiritual blast of extreme music.

When asked to introduce the album, Drought said: “Trimurti represents the tantric chemistry of our creative energies and the ones kept within the sea, the mountains and the woods which surround us, channeled into music to celebrate the eternal life hidden in this world and in the ones behind it”.

Trimurti will be out on cd and lp (regular and limited) on May 15th / 22nd  

Avantgarde Music
€17.00 €12.75

In The Light Of Darkness

Unanimated’s third studio album – finally available again, on both LP and CD! After their legendary 2nd album “Ancient God Of Evil” (1995), one of the best Swedish Melodic Black/Death Metal albums of all time, it took Sweden’s Unanimated 14 years to release another album, and what a beast it turned out to be! “In The Light Of Darkness” (2009) displays the band’s rougher, more brutal side, while still incorporating their trademark sound and addictive songwriting. The album was produced by Tore Stjerna (Watain, Mayhem, Tribulation). It features guest musicians such as Sebastian Ramstedt (Necrophobic, Ex-Nifelheim), Erik Wallin (Merciless) and Set Teitan (Ex-Dissection, Ex-Watain) and the layout was created by Erik Danielsson (Watain), a long time fan and close friend of the band. The 180gr LP contains an unreleased bonus track: a re-recorded version of the song “Blackness of the Fallen Star” which had originally appeared on their debut album “In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead” (1993). Furthermore the LP features a gatefold sleeve and a 4page booklet containing the lyrics as well as liner notes by Chris Dick (Decibel Magazine, US) based on an interview with bass player and songwriter Richard Cabeza he conducted in 2019.

Century Media

Endless Wound

Sepulchral Voice

Moksha / Nirvana

Black 2LP 180g housed in 350gsm gatefold covered by matte resistant lamination including an oversized 1380x350mm leporello and 8pages 12" booklet.

Beyond Eyes
€25.00 €17.50
ABHARTACH - Demo compilation LP

Demo compilation LP

Double LP

american shadowy entity. Occult and mystical Raw Black Metal, with a terrific layering of abysmal melodies, for fans of acts such as Grausamkeit, Candelabrum or projects of Cruentus.

Limited to an undisclosed unmber of copies.   Pressed on 180g vinyl. Housed in a 350gsm heavy cardstock cover with a 7mm spine. Includes a single-sided, uncoated cartonstock insert.

Sides A and B were originally released as the self-titled demo cassette.
Sides C and D were originally released as the Demo II cassette.

€32.00 €20.80

Between the Light

"In 2011 Marrok (Selbstentleibung, Harakiri for the Sky) founded ANOMALIE to
combine his favourite elements of emotional Black Metal, Post Metal and
Depressive Rock which results in his own uncomparable vision of profound and
honest music. Two years later the work for his first full-length output
"Between the Light" came to a conclusion - ANOMALIE is ready to unveil this
impressive debut album, dedicated to the forlorn souls of our time!

Art of propaganda
MUSTA KAPPELI - Kun Väistyy Aika Ihmisen

Kun Väistyy Aika Ihmisen

The anticipated second album of well-known Finnish lycanthropes brings again the classic 90s black metal sound back.

Beta Persei
€16.00 €8.00
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