AKOUPHENOM - Death·Chaos·Void - LP
AKOUPHENOM Death·Chaos·Void


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etichetta: Unorthodox Emanations
Data di uscita: 25 ottobre 2023
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


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Akouphenom is a Blackened Death Metal band embodying different influences, from Doom to Noise, with the ambition to reflect absolute evil in their creations. The word Akouphenom comes from a twist on the word tinnitus, a real consequence of the band’s prolific live activities.

Akouphenom was born in 2014, with the first rehearsal sessions between Dragon (vocals and guitars) and Prgich (drums). The following years saw the band focusing on live activities and releasing two different splits, as well as facing some line-up changes, yet never reaching the goal of a full-length studio album. Now the wait is finally over, as Akouphenom will release Death·Chaos·Void in October.

Death·Chaos·Void is a concept album divided into six chapters, which the band explains as a journey to unveil the truths of the Arkhé, the natural law, which is no more than an extension of the chaotic reality of the human condition.

Akouphenom's debut album is a hymn to the three ruling powers of existence: death, chaos and the void, leaders, kings and conquerors for all eternity.