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etichetta: Iron bonehead
anno: 2016
formato: CD
Condizione: Usato


Originally self-released digitally at the end of last year, with Graceless Recordings then releasing it on tape this spring, Amphisbaena displayed DEATH fucking METAL of a most malignant variety - not surprising, given that the AMPHISBAENA lineup includes two members of Antediluvian and ubiquitous drum-god Paulus Kressman among the quartet's ranks. However, the comparisons end there, as AMPHISBAENA is a hydra-headed beast all its own. Three of the members handle vocal duties, with scourging voices violently coming from every direction; meanwhile, the compositions surge and throttle with a dangerous grace, shapeshifting of their own accord and keeping the listener always guessing where that ultraviolence will go next.

Jewelcase MCD with 4 page Booklet