ANAL BLASPHEMY - Western Decadence - LP
ANAL BLASPHEMY Western Decadence

Western Decadence

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nazione: FIN
etichetta: Iron bonehead
anno: 2016
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo

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In many ways, Western Decadence is characteristic, quintessential ANAL BLASPHEMY: unhinged, untamed, morbid, murky, doomed, disgusting, primordial, PRIMITIVE. It's a sound both obedient to and defiant of black metal's ugliest, most underground-entrenched traditions; not for nothing is ANAL BLASPHEMY so justly named. But in other, more telling ways, Western Decadence is a new start for the band, or at least a very new chapter. The shambling shock & awe of early albums like Bestial Black Metal Filth and Profane Fornication Ejaculation has given way to a moodier and more considered ANAL BLASPHEMY, the roots of which began to show on the relatively more varied Perversions of Satan.

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