ARS MAGNA UMBRAE - Through Lunar Gateways - DIGI CD
ARS MAGNA UMBRAE Through Lunar Gateways

Through Lunar Gateways

€ 9,00

etichetta: Hellthrasher
anno: 2017
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Debut EP from Polish black metal project Ars Magna Umbrae. A true manifestation of the Chthonic forces of Death and a sonic portal to the Nightside.

"The music relies heavily on dissonant and disorienting melodies with a spectral cast, creating chilling atmospheres of terror and torment. Nightmarish visions swirl about the music both when the band is in the throes of a bestial blood frenzy and when it simply feels like the music is sailing into a haunted void or on the brink of a mental breakdown. The variation in the vocals between deranged panther-like shrieks and unsettling wails (as well as operatic female vocals) is another strength in a staggeringly strong debut.

6-panel digipak with glossy finish