ARS MORIENDI - Sepelitur Alleluia - CD
ARS MORIENDI Sepelitur Alleluia

Sepelitur Alleluia

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nazione: FRA
etichetta: Archaic Sound
anno: 2016
formato: CD
Condizione: Usato

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n the Middle Ages until the early 17the century, the eve of Septuagesima (70 days preceding Easter for Christians), church choirboys symbolically buried the "Alleluia" during a funeral ceremony, for the reason that this song represents joy in the Christian cult. This practice symbolized the start of a dark period of meditation and retreat, leaving no room for joy and happiness.

But despite this deep historical concept behind the album title of ARS MORIENDI's new album, you will find a joy: listening to this album. As always, every new album of Arsonist (man behind this French band) is full of musical and aesthetic discoveries. He feels no fear to add jazz, trip-hop, or old-school heavy metal riffs to his very own kind of atmospheric black metal, and without a doubt, Sepelitur Alleluia is his best work to date.

Jewel-case CD with 8 pages booklet designed as ancient book.