ASPHODEL WINE - Slowdance Macabre - 2LP
ASPHODEL WINE Slowdance Macabre

Slowdance Macabre

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etichetta: Consouling Sounds
anno: 2020
formato: 2LP
Condizione: Nuovo


An observational ode to shallow vessels of communication, “Romanticide” is the silkily somber spearhead to kick the door open for Asphodel Wine.

Sarah and Zachary’s universes collided in Autumn 2015, when their respective bands SubRosa and Minsk were both invited to support Cult of Luna on a West Coast U.S. tour.

‘Possessing an intention to pierce the clamour with silky rays of musical moonlight, the lyrics to each individual song are their own personal universe. But the album “Slowdance Macabre” as a sequential whole has a certain planned madness in the way of musical narrative- the ascension up the perceived mountain of one’s own spirit, that instead reveals itself as an active volcano- to its inevitable eruption and the subsequent plummet through the endless catacombs of the human experience.

A1 No Deeper Red
A2 Reap Thy Hesitation
B1 Romanticide
B2 Devil's Last Hurrah
C1 Incorporeal
C2 The Worst Way
D1 Slowdance Macabre
D2 Dark Side Of The Meow