ASTRAL TOMB - Soulgazer - CD


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etichetta: Blood Harvest
Data di uscita: 18 maggio 2022
formato: CD
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 ASTRAL TOMB take the slimy sound of their short-lengths in spacier, more smoked-out directions, almost jamming on slamming grooves but giving it a grossness that unsettles - indeed, Soulgazer as depiction. Elsewhere, the trio's technique and precision is startling to behold, especially when they effortlessly let loose the reins and slip & slide across the corners of chaos, only to right the (space)ship into waters equally unnerving. For if anything, Soulgazer seeks to UNcomfort the listener, taking him/her to places as-yet-dreamt and making them manifest within alternately intelligent/ignorant death metal barbarity. Which is all to say nothing of the utterly melted solos sprinkled across the record or the actually-really-beautiful moments of clean-toned placidity...

1 Transcendental Visions
2 Be Here Now...
3 Inertia (Crashing Through the Doorways of Eternity)
4 Traversing the Wandering Star
5 Ascending a Pillar of Light