BAXAXAXA - Spells From the Crypt - TAPE
BAXAXAXA Spells From the Crypt

Spells From the Crypt

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nazione: Germany
etichetta: Dusktone
Data di uscita: 22 maggio 2024
formato: TAPE
Condizione: Nuovo

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Black Tape, limited to 100 copies
Dusktone is proud to team up with German cult black metal band Baxaxaxa in order to reissue, on cd and tape, a compilation of their early recordings, titled "Spells From The Crypt". It will contain the legendary "Hellfire" demo from 1992, "The Old Evil" demo and the "Devoted to HIM" 7". "Spells From The Crypt" will hit the shelves in late Spring! Expect nothing but pure old-school black metal!

1.Church Of The Antichrist (intro) 06:14
2.Nocturnal Mass And Christ's Damnation 03:28
3.The Day When God Falls 05:54
4.Intro 00:42
5.Sepulchral Winds Return 07:02
6.In Shadows They Lurk 04:46
7.Bells of Charon 05:32
8.The Old Evil 06:43
9.Revelation In Sin 06:43
10.Devoted To HIM 04:05