BEHERIT - Bardo Exist - 2CD
BEHERIT Bardo Exist

Bardo Exist

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nazione: FIN
etichetta: Kvlt Records
Data di uscita: 26 novembre 2020
formato: 2CD
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6-panel digipak. Limited edition 1st print with bonus CD.

"Bardo Exist was written and produced by NHV Beherit in 2019-2020. This album was mixed and mastered by Joona Lukala / Noise For Fiction in May 2020. Drawings by Stan Dark Art ("This art series was inspired by Beherit darkness and band dedicated"). 

CD1-1 Aivosota 0:46
CD1-2 Shadow Prayer 6:24
CD1-3 Coruscation 2:08
CD1-4 Acid Death Vision 4:36
CD1-5 Extreme Thirst And Insomnia 2:38
CD1-6 Blindsight 2:39
CD1-7 Silom Vortex 2:46
CD1-8 Mens Rea 2:05
CD1-9 Ghost Visitor 5:33
CD1-10 Peilien Vanki 3:20
CD1-11 Sorrowers 4:05

CD2-1 Bardo Exists 22:5