BENEDICTION The Nuclear Blast Recordings

The Nuclear Blast Recordings

€ 28,00

nazione: UK
etichetta: Dissonance
anno: 2018
formato: BOX CD
Condizione: Nuovo

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Brummie death metal masters BENEDICTION have been at the top of their game since their inception in 1989. During their highly successful career the band released seven studio albums through Nuclear Blast Records. And now, flourishing UK heavy metal label Dissonance Productions have rolled these gargantuan slabs of death metal perfection into one limited edition 6CD box set. Perfect for BENEDICTION diehards and newcomers alike!

CD 1: (Subconscious Terror, 1990)
CD 2: (The Grand Leveller, 1991)
CD 3: (Transcend The Rubicon, 1993)
CD 4: (Grind Bastard, 1998)
CD 5: (Organised Chaos, 2001)
CD 6: (Killing Music, 2008)