BEYOND BELIEF Rave the Abyss

Rave the Abyss

€ 16,00

etichetta: Hammerheart
anno: 2016
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


In 1993 “Towards the Diabolical Experiment” is released, a true Masterpiece of Heaviness, Sadness and Depression.

The follow up “Rave the Abyss”, released in 1995, shows a couple of small changes, generally the pace is upgraded to more midtempo, with parts incorporating slower Thrash riffs (think Dead Head/Slayer), but still following Beyond Belief’s path of heaviness and doom. One could say the Trouble feel is still there, but more aggresive. Berthus Westerhuis is the producer of choice, giving the album a tighter, crunchier sound.Once more a full on Masterpiece, and another unique album to much critical aclaim.