BLACK DOOR - And the Spirit of Old Whispered Words of Amduat - LP
BLACK DOOR And the Spirit of Old Whispered Words of Amduat

And the Spirit of Old Whispered Words of Amduat

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etichetta: Argento
Data di uscita: 28 novembre 2023
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


A new full-length by this tremendous enigmatic project of Vestibulum, moniker of R.v.R. used on excellent projects such as this, Mirre, Setnakht, Oorruin and Óraculum.

This would be third full-length of this project, which started as the brilliant Vestibulum Vacuüi, but it's the first one under its new incarnation under the name of Black Door, which has been running since late 2019.

A very anticipated album for me, as Vestibulum has been a true force in mysterious, cryptic and Raw Black Metal hypnosis since its inception, carving many different pathways with interesting influences, but always remaining true to the raw and mysterious aura of the genre and his entrancing atmospheres that characterize his sound and fellow dutch brethren.

A very welcomed return into the Egyptian theme. Something I'm quite fond of as my favorite release of the project has been for quite some time 2015's demo, "Gezalfd in gal". 7 years later, Black Door dares to enter again these haunted halls and treacherous, sandy grounds with this extraordinary recording.

Themed around the Amduat funerary texts, which were used for the pharaoh's crypt, and beautifully incorporating the thematic approach into the music, particularly on the opening track's oriental melodic influence, Black Door delivers half an hour of dissociative dungeon-y Raw Atmospheric Black Metal, with droning riffs engulging your vision like sandstorms and craddling your imagination into the cursed pharaoh's tomb, accompanying his journey through an underworld of terror and wonders. Soundwise definitely slower paced and more droning than most of the project's previous releases, somewhat reminiscing with some of R.v.R.'s other acts like Cer or Faceless Entity.