BLASPHEMY Victory (Son of the Damned)

Victory (Son of the Damned)

€ 26,00

nazione: CAN
etichetta: NWN
anno: 2018
formato: 2LP
Condizione: Nuovo


What makes this release particularly unique is the first-time inclusion of the track “Victory (Son of the Damned),” from which the rehearsal now derives its name. In fact, the track is included in two consecutive iterations, as it was played back-to-back during the session in preparation for the song’s live debut at the following Anza Club gig. Another feature of this recording is the between-song banter among the band and guests alike, including members of Black Witchery, who attended the rehearsal. Given the length of the session, the newly-mastered audio of the vinyl version comprises the first three sides of the DLP, and the fourth boasts a blasphemous etching.