CANNIBAL CORPSE - Eaten Back to Life (Splatter) - LP
CANNIBAL CORPSE Eaten Back to Life (Splatter)

Eaten Back to Life (Splatter)

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nazione: USA
etichetta: Metal Blade
Data di uscita: 16 febbraio 2024
formato: LP
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In the early 90s, Cannibal Corpse set new standards with albums like Eaten Back To Life 1990 and Tomb Of The Mutilated 1992 and paved the way for death metal.

2024 reissue on splatter vinyl by Metal Blade Records

Insert with lyrics, credits, photos etc.
Poster with album artwork
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A1 Shredded Humans 5:10
A2 Edible Autopsy 4:30
A3 Put Them To Death 1:45
A4 Mangled 4:27
A5 Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains 2:31
B1 Born In A Casket 3:17
B2 Rotting Head 2:23
B3 The Undead Will Feast 2:46
B4 Bloody Chunks 1:48
B5 A Skull Full Of Maggots 2:04
B6 Buried In The Backyard 5:15