CAOIMHIN The Age of Wolves

The Age of Wolves

€ 8,00

etichetta: Black Lion
anno: 2018
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Rooted in Norse mythology and haunted by a pervasive sorrow, “The Age of Wolves” is a melodic journey through the ancient forests of the north. “Víðarr” is a powerful ode to the bravery of Óðinn’s son. By killing the great wolf Fenrir, he avenges his father’s death and sets the world on a new cycle of death and rebirth. Cecilie Langlie and Kjetil Ottersen’s voices bring the song to new heights of beauty and depths of despair. “Níðhöggr,” based on the evil serpent who feeds on the dead, is a reminder of the ferocity and sheer ruthlessness of the natural world. Cecilie and Kjetil’s familiar voices also grace this track, but now Andrew Malone lends his voice to the scream of Yggdrasil, as its roots are lacerated by the dragon’s fangs
Limited edition digipack 4 panel