CELESTE Infidèle(s)


€ 26,00

nazione: FRA
etichetta: Denovali
anno: 2017
formato: 2LP
Condizione: Nuovo

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Thick gatefold covers, thick printed inner sleeves, insert, 180g vinyl, download code, this is the regular edition on black vinyl.

"Pessimists, nihilists, misanthropes and deadborns: the history of Celeste is just as it sounds: negative, gloomy and destructive. A sevenfold, life-denying deluxe noise-theatre." This is Metal Hammer's conclusion on CELESTE's last album "ANIMALE(S)". Four years later, after more than ten years of existence and more than 300 shows all around the globe, CELESTE releases the highly anticipated follow-up, their sixth album "INFIDÈLE(S)