CELESTIAL GRAVE - Vitriolic Atonement - LP
CELESTIAL GRAVE Vitriolic Atonement

Vitriolic Atonement

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etichetta: The Sinister Flame
Data di uscita: 15 novembre 2022
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Since their public unveiling in 2016 with the hideous & haunting Burial Ground Trance demo, Finland’s Celestial Grave have been steadily perfecting a craft that already arrived fully formed. While the band’s brand of black metal does bear some semblance to certain sectors of their native land’s long-running and -esteemed scene, Celestial Grave largely unshackle themselves from “Finnish black metal” and locate a muse that’s uniquely focused and fiercely personal. Such was the case with the epic four-song Secular Flesh debut album in 2019, and now, three years later, that case is even stronger with their second album, Vitriolic Atonement.