CHARNEL ALTAR - Abatement Of The Sun - TAPE
CHARNEL ALTAR Abatement Of The Sun

Abatement Of The Sun

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etichetta: Blood Harvest
Data di uscita: 18 maggio 2022
formato: TAPE
Condizione: Nuovo

Disponibile dal 18 maggio 2022

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia's CHARNEL ALTAR formed in late 2018. Not long after, the band's self-titled debut demo followed in January 2019.

 Horrific and harrowing, churning and gestating with utter dread and doom, CHARNEL ALTAR's death metal is like a slo-mo melting of mind and matter. One could arguably qualify it as death-doom, but the band's version of such evades easy categorization and aims more for hovering tension and paradoxically spacious density - indeed, like old(er)-school death metal dragged through tar but trudging forward like a tank. 

1 Grave Totem 8:05
2 Vexation Of Sorrow 6:44
3 Slaughter 8:36
4 Wormworld 7:51
5 Malefic Blessings 7:04
6 Metempsychosis 8:44