CIMITIR - Duskhymns - LP
CIMITIR Duskhymns


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etichetta: OUT OF SEASON
Data di uscita: 12 giugno 2021
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


After years of coffin slumber, Netherworld Nate has returned with "Duskhymns" - five dismal dirges of Dark Necromantic Cryptwave/Sepulchral Synth to accompany your witching hour rituals and Autumnal fullmoon lurkings. With hypnotic song structures and a focus on raw atmosphere, "Duskhymns" is the darkest incarnation of Cimitir yet - an eerie electronic experience for morbid maniacs and sinister souls!

1. Prayer of the Macabre
2. Cryptstench and Gravemold
3 This Hour Belongs to the Dead
4. The 13th Knell
5. Darkfall
Same program repeats on both sides.