CONTAMINATED - Celebratory Beheading - LP
CONTAMINATED Celebratory Beheading

Celebratory Beheading

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etichetta: Blood Harvest
Data di uscita: 14 febbraio 2024
formato: LP
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Black Vinyl

Back in 2017, CONTAMINATED announced their arrival - loudly, sickly - onto the international death metal map with their debut album, Final Man, via BLOOD HARVEST. Graced with disturbingly detailed cover art, the Australians approximated the vivid visuals with ichor-dripping DEATH METAL of a most diseased & disgusting hue. At every angle and across every moment, Final Man spewed filth; song titles like "Mired in Shit," "Boneless Mass," and "Co-Opted Into Worthless Sludge" soundly proved that content met form. A couple years later, a split 7" with comrades KUTABARE followed, after which CONTAMINATED were quiet on the recording front. But alas, earlier this spring, a split 7" with long-running sludge-lords Fistula arrived.

1.Suffer Minutiae 04:12
2.Cosmic Shit Show 04:27
3.Feral Demise 04:35
4.Beneath Empty Sockets 03:28
5.An Unnatural End 03:07
6.Final Hours 06:18
7....At The End Of A Shank 02:39
8.Apex C.H.U.D. 04:32
9.Desire For Agony 02:25
10.Junkyard Warfare: Celebratory Beheading 04:28