Cryptic Shift - Return To Realms - CD
 Cryptic Shift Return To Realms

Cryptic Shift
Return To Realms

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etichetta: Blood Harvest
Data di uscita: 14 febbraio 2024
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo


RETURN TO REALMS' is a reissue of our 2016 EP 'BEYOND THE CELESTIAL REALMS'. On top of classic Cryptic Shift songs like 'Voyage Through Dimensions', 'Spore' & 'Deathcrusher', 'RETURN...' features a crisp new mix & master from original collaborator JACK HELLIWELL and updated artwork closer to our original vision from longtime collaborator CIARAN NOTION (Spearhead Media).

Also included is 'ENTOMBED IN FLESH', an unreleased track from the original sessions that was omitted from the release and four demo versions including even the pre-production session of Cosmic Dreams. 'GLACIAL RECLAMATION' even has a new guitar solo for the outro, and the title track has been completely remade using new samples and voice effects.

The physical editions feature an extensive write-up by the band depicting the time of making this record and the cassette version showcases an alternate artwork piece from Spinal Chamber. Access the early years of ASTRODEATH™ now and RETURN TO REALMS.

1 Beyond The Celestial Realms 1:12
2 Voyage Through Dimensions 5:28
3 Deathcrusher 6:05
4 Spore 5:45
5 Glacial Reclamation 4:42
6 Entombed In Flesh 5:06
7 Voyage Through Dimensions [Demo] 5:37
8 Deathcrusher [Demo] 6:02
9 Spore [Demo] 5:56
10 Cosmic Dreams [Demo] 5:42