DEATHBELL - A Nocturnal Crossing - Ltd - LP
DEATHBELL A Nocturnal Crossing - Ltd

A Nocturnal Crossing - Ltd

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etichetta: Svart
anno: 2022
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo

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Green Transparent

Gatefold with printed inner sleeve.

Deathbell is a five-piece band from Toulouse/France, that create eerie and heavy fuzz-laden Doom. Having released their debut album With the Beyond in 2018 that garnered underground attention, Deathbell have been lying in wait, taking their time to craft and hone their new juggernaut “A Nocturnal Crossing”. Incanting her melancholic and haunting vocals, Lauren Gaynor calls through cavernous walls of funeral organ and distorted slabs of riff-witchery to shepherd “A Nocturnal Crossing” into a hypnotic otherworld. With morbid clanging trips of psychedelic rhythms and shadowy atmospheres, Deathbell’s brand of mystical Doom is both transcendent and sombre.

Side A :
The Stronghold And The Archer / Shifting Sands / Silent She Comes

Side B :
The Ladder / Devoured On The Peak / A Nocturnal Crossing