DEN SAAKALDTE - Pesten Som Tar Over (Color Vinyl) - 2LP
DEN SAAKALDTE Pesten Som Tar Over (Color Vinyl)

Pesten Som Tar Over (Color Vinyl)

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nazione: NOR - SWE
etichetta: Agonia
Data di uscita: 21 dicembre 2023
formato: 2LP
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Limited double colored vinyl.

Fourth studio album of DEN SAAKALDTE.

DEN SAAKALDTE is the brainchild of guitarist Sykelig, established back in 2006, after Sykelig relocated from Hellas to Norway. The band started as a one man project but soon included in its ranks members such as Kvarforth (Shining), S. Winter (ex-Gehenna), Seidemann (1349) and Øyvind Hægeland to name a few. 

Through its years of existence, DEN SAAKALDTE released "Øl, Mørke og Depresjon" (2008), "All Hail Pessimism" (2009) and "Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete" (2014), along with a number of split EPs with notable bands such as ShiningHornaVarathron and Principality of Hell

The band's current line up consists of guitarists Sykelig and Fineidet, bassist Skoll (ArcturusVed Buens Ende), drummer Tybalt (ex-Pantheon I) and vocalist Svik.

"Pesten Som Tar Over" was recorded during March 2022 at Strand Studio (BorknagarIn Vein) in Oslo. The album was co-produced and mixed by DEN SAAKALDTE and Marius Strand, and engineered and mastered by Marius Strand. The cover artwork was painted by Chadwick St. John of Inkshadows (ArckanumDarkthrone).

1. Av Satans Ild
2. Dødstrett Av Alt
3. En Ode Til Spinnersken
4. Pesten Som Tar Over
5. Å Skjende En Engel
6. Hat
7. Den Stormen i Oktober