DEPARTURE CHANDELIER - Antichrist Rise To Power - CD

Antichrist Rise To Power

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etichetta: Nuclear War Now
anno: 2019
formato: CD
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Antichrist Rise to Power is a violent declaration of allegiance to the Emperor’s dominion, from the mud-covered skeletons of Marengo to the jagged cliffs of St. Helena. The noble acceptance of forced exile, the inescapable chill of the prison cell, and the cruel rush of combat all fill the aristocrat’s appetite for his boundless quest for honor. 

Departure Chandelier’s music shimmers with the aesthetic ardor of apotheosis. It is a communion with the deceased, tracing the pathway of life transmuted into death over dishonor. Although comprised of members of Akitsa and Ash Pool, Departure Chandelier is wholly unique in style and substance and bears little overt resemblance to either of those projects.

1.Intro (Napoleon's Sword) 02:28
2.Life Escaping through the Candle's Smoke 04:21
3.Forever Faithful to the Emperor 04:54
4.Catacombs Beneath the Castle of the Marquis 04:57
5.Departure Chandelier 06:13
6.A Sacrifice to the Corsica Antichrist 03:15
7.Re-Establish the Black Rule of France 04:44
8.Outro (Exile on the Jagged Cliffs of Saint Helena) 03:30