DESEKRYPTOR - Vortex Oblivion - CD
DESEKRYPTOR Vortex Oblivion

Vortex Oblivion

€ 13,00

etichetta: Blood Harvest
Data di uscita: 21 febbraio 2024
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo


For nearly a decade now, Indiana's DESEKRYPTOR have been patiently perfecting their craft. In 2017 arrived two demos - Demo 2016 and Chasm of Rot - which were then collected together under the title of the latter and released by BLOOD HARVEST on cassette later that year. A year later came a split with comrades Draghkar, also via BLOOD HARVEST, and the momentum seemed to be in DESEKRYPTOR's favor: good 'n' gutted DEATH METAL, with a bit of a blackened singe. Five years of silence followed until the Curse of the Execrated EP, which proved that the quartet had only become more poised and powerful during that hiatus.

1 Abysmal Resurrection 4:43
2 Tornadic Hordes 6:24
3 Festering Ulceration 3:44
4 Seeds Of Disease 2:43
5 Omen Of Terror 4:43
6 Dagger In The Christ 3:48
7 Vortex Oblivion 5:08
8 Nervegas Crematorium 5:40