DESEKRYPTOR - Vortex Oblivion - LP
DESEKRYPTOR Vortex Oblivion

Vortex Oblivion

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etichetta: Blood Harvest
Data di uscita: 14 febbraio 2024
formato: LP
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For nearly a decade now, Indiana's DESEKRYPTOR have been patiently perfecting their craft. In 2017 arrived two demos - Demo 2016 and Chasm of Rot - which were then collected together under the title of the latter and released by BLOOD HARVEST on cassette later that year. A year later came a split with comrades Draghkar, also via BLOOD HARVEST, and the momentum seemed to be in DESEKRYPTOR's favor: good 'n' gutted DEATH METAL, with a bit of a blackened singe. Five years of silence followed until the Curse of the Execrated EP, which proved that the quartet had only become more poised and powerful during that hiatus.

A1 Abysmal Resurrection 4:43
A2 Tornadic Hordes 6:24
A3 Festering Ulceration 3:44
A4 Seeds Of Disease 2:43
B1 Omen Of Terror 4:43
B2 Dagger In The Christ 3:48
B3 Vortex Oblivion 5:08
B4 Nervegas Crematorium 5:40