DRAWN INTO DESCENT - The Endless Endeavour - DIGI CD
DRAWN INTO DESCENT The Endless Endeavour

The Endless Endeavour

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etichetta: Avantgarde Music
anno: 2019
formato: DIGI CD
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Drawn Into Descent craft five songs for over fortyfive minutes of play and swing naturally from evil blast-beats and desperate shrieks (“Dystopia”) to more post-, almost gothic rock influences (“Death…”). Now resembling Judas Iscariot, now flirting with Klimt 1918, the final result is that The Endless Endeavour is carved in a unique and personal sound. Dealing with the bleak, joyless emotions of life, Drawn Into Descent sophomore album will be a perfect companion during the last winter days, when cold has not let go yet, but days start to grow longer again. An apparently conflicting duality, just like the mellow guitars of blackgaze opposed to the rage of atmospheric black metal.

1 Dystopia 11:13
2 Wither 10:01
3 Death... 4:42
4 ...Embrace Me 9:03
5 The Endless Endeavour 10:10