DREAM UNENDING - Tide Turns Eternal - DIGI CD
DREAM UNENDING Tide Turns Eternal

Tide Turns Eternal

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etichetta: 20 Buck Spin
Data di uscita: 16 novembre 2021
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Derrick Vella (Tomb Mold) and Justin DeTore (Innumerable Forms) have joined their dark psyches and deliberate, distinctive approaches to create Dream Unending. While it might be possible to point to certain elements of their debut LP ‘Tide Turns Eternal’ that are familiar in that regard, the fact is Dream Unending takes these two stalwarts of the modern underground Death Metal scene in some entirely new and unexpected directions, offering the first glimpse of what promises to be a constantly evolving form.

Imbued with the dark atmosphere and wilting romanticism of the legendary ‘Peaceville 3’, (Anathema in particular), Dream Unending merely uses that moment in time as a starting point to compose songs that drift between emotional states both forlorn and uplifting. Ascendent Floydian guitar textures and sparkling The Cure-esque strumming lift ‘Tides Turns Eternal’ out of the purely metal realm, where moody rock introspection allows for Elysian respite before DeTore’s world crushing roar assures no escape from earthly tumult is certain.

2.Adorned In Lies
3.In Cipher I Weep 07:55
4.The Needful 05:25
5.Dream Unending
6.Forgotten Farewell
7.Tide Turns Eternal