DREAMS OF NATURE - Naturaleza Ancestral - DIGI CD
DREAMS OF NATURE Naturaleza Ancestral

Naturaleza Ancestral

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etichetta: Flowing Downward
anno: 2019
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


When I need to recreate myself I go in search of the darkest forest, of the thickest and most impenetrable swamp: here lies the strength, the quintessence of Nature ... the vast, wild, terrible mother of us all, Nature. 
(Henry David Thoreau) 

Naturaleza Ancestral is a hymn to nature! 

1.Forest Of Eternity 07:15
2.Falling Universe 06:00
3.Echoes Of The Night 07:55
4.Eternal Twilight 08:53
5.Mare Imbrium 07:23
6.Spell Of The Wind 07:18
7.Last Dawn 06:06
8.Northern Lights 07:04
9.Condor De Los Andes 04:19
10.A New Power Is Rising (Summoning Cover) 03:36
11.Like Some Snow - White Marble Eyes (Summoning Cover) 07:20